Lowest Price Best Screwdriver Kit with Tester For General Use

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Lowest Price Steel Blade Screwdriver Kit (Red, 6-Pieces)


  • Screwdriver kit of 5 blades with tester, flat tip 3. 25, 6 Mm, philips no – 0, 1, pocker
  • The blade tip is magnetized to lift small screw or to hold the screw in position
  • The blade is made from high grade silicon – manganese steel
  • The blade is differentially hardened & tempered to resist wear or bending
  • In Steel Blade Screwdriver Kit The handle is made from high grade ca plastic

With flat and Phillips tips, this screwdriver set lets you perform most electrical, electronic and mechanical repair jobs without looking for other instruments. This is a handy tool to have in the house if you like doing small repair and maintenance jobs by yourself. Tester You can use this screwdriver as an electrical tester while performing electrical repair work to check if an electrical device, plug point or a wire is carrying current or not. Flat and Phillips Tips This set comes with flat and Phillips screwdriver tips that can be used for a wide range of tasks. They can be used for repairing devices and gadgets like calculators, computer accessories, laptops and other items commonly found in most homes.

VISKO TOOLS Visko 101 Screwdriver Kit with Tester is Pretty Handy
Here comes a set of screwdrivers that is pretty handy when you need to finish some urgent fixing task at home. The kit includes five blades along with a tester to help you meet your various home improvement requirements. The blades available in the VISKO TOOLS Visko 101 Screwdriver Kit with Tester are made of silicon-manganese steel of the highest quality, thus offering you required durability and long life.

Ergonomic Design for Better Usage
One of the best part about the Visko Tools Visko 101 Screwdriver Kit with Tester is the ease-of-use it offers with help of the handle which is made of CA plastic of good quality. It is designed in a special way so as to offer you much comfort while working. This screwdriver kit from Visko also comes with a tester that allows you to use any screwdriver like an electrical tester for any electrical repairing task like checking an electrical plug point and others.

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